Two Short Classics (1999)


(1) Marche in D major
C.P.E. Bach (1714-88)

Unity Series 248-1 (publ. 2000)
Duration: approx. 1:20

(2) Indian Rondo
J. N. Hummel (1778-1837)

Unity Series 248-2 (publ. 2000)
Duration: approx. 1:50

C P E Bach
J N Hummel

Official Unity Series Recordings

Short Classic (1) Marche.mp3


Short Classic (2) Indian Rondo.mp3

Here are two early 19th century classics. Marche will be well-known to most listeners. It transcribes quite well for brass ensemble and will no doubt be useful for ceremonial occasions; weddings and the like.

I first heard Indian Rondo played as a cornet solo and decided to look it up. It has big, brash chords contrasted with delicate figures and for the 1st cornet can be a little tricky to play.  But again, transcribes nicely for brass.

In 1996 the Unity Series was re-launched and as part of the new package, subscribers now received a CD recording of the entire year's publications. I played cornet on a couple of the first CD recordings and these took place in the old IHQ building, Queen Victoria Street, London. 

If my memory serves me right, the first CD (1996) was recorded in the Staff Band room. After that, the next few after that (1997-1999) took place in the Bramwell Booth Hall in the basement of the old building. Since 2000, the recordings have taken place at the new THQ building in Elephant & Castle, South London and more recently at the Army's World of Sound studios in Wellingborough.  

I had the privilege of playing 2nd cornet on the recordings above. 

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