Trinity Praise (2013)

Unity Series 426 (February 2015)
Duration: approx. 3:00 

This Festival (concert) March was requested by Band Leader Steve Cutler for the first anniversary of Trinity Brass.

As its name suggests, Trinity is a Christian group and actually forms part of the corps at Rock Ferry, Merseyside, UK.  Started in 2012, the band is a training band open to all ages and abilities.

The march features two worship songs praising God who is Father, Son and Spirit:

Father, we love You, we worship and adore You.

Glorify Your name in all the earth,
Glorify Your name, Glorify Your name,
Glorify Your name in all the earth.

Jesus, we love You...

Spirit, we love You...

Donna Adkins
© 1976, 1981, Maranatha! Music
UKSA Happiness & Harmony no. 16

Verse 5 of Sing we many years of blessing:

Father, Son and Spirit, raising
Heart and voices now to thee.
Thine eternal goodness praising,
Holy, blessèd Trinity,
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Thine our years, our lives shall be.

Will J. Brand (1889-1977)

SA Songbook no 939 (Tune: Regent Square TB 423) 

Trinity Praise
Trinity Praise - Score p1.pdf Trinity Praise - Score p1.pdf
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 Computer generated track


WAV Trinity Praise - excerpt.mp3


The march is both bright and regal, hopefully capturing the sense of celebration and occasion. And, being scored for intermediate Unity Series, I hope it is suited to young people's bands as well as smaller ensembles of all ages. 

Best wishes to Trinity Brass as they celebrate their first anniversary and seek to undertake their mission to glorify in music God who is Father, Son and Spirit.

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