Synergy (2011)

(GS 2126, publ. 2013)
Duration: approx. 4:30 

This cornet duet was written for the Melbourne Staff Band’s tour of the UK in 2011 and is built around Catherine Baird’s song We're in God's Army (SASB 705, Tune: The voice of Jesus TB 159).

The piece celebrates the Biblical principle of believers working together in the Body of Christ. The notes and phrases of the soloist’s lines intertwine and overlap; highlighting companionship and reliance upon each other. With the exception of range, the two soloist’s parts are therefore of similar complexity.

Within the ranks of the Salvation Army, this notion takes on a military flavour as Salvationists stand side by side in battle; fighting against poverty, loneliness and injustice. The words of the song are both a testimony and prayer for battle:

We're in God's Army and we fight
Wherever wrong is found;
A lowly cot or stately home
May be our battle ground.
We own no man as enemy,
Sin is our challenged foe;
We follow Jesus, Son of God,
As to the war we go.

Catherine Baird (1895-1984)
SA Songbook 705 (Tune: The Voice of Jesus TB 159)


The reflective central section of the piece is the composers' own melody to SA Song Book 279 Whosoever heareth! Shout, shout the sound by Philip Paul Bliss. This song is a prayerful dedication and speaks of the task placed before every Salvationist:

Whosoever heareth! shout, shout the sound;
Send the blessed tidings all the world around;
Spread the joyful news wherever man is found:
Whosoever will may come.

Philip Paul Bliss (1838-76)
SA Songbook 279 (Tune: Original melody)


Recording by the
Melbourne Staff Band
from their album 
Chronicles (2011)

Garry Todd & Neil Roper


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Garry Todd & Neil Roper play 'Synergy'

Neil Roper & Garry Todd and the Melbourne Staff Band
play 'Synergy' during the band's UK tour, June 2011.

Canadian Staff Band principal cornetist Steve Brown
and Trumpet legend Jens Lindemann play Synergy
at the CSB's 43rd Anniversary Festival on 2 June 2012

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