South Shields Celebration (2008)

General Series 2095 (publ. 2010)
Duration: approx. 3:30

This march was written at the request of my fellow Crossbearers session-mate Captain Vince Wall for the 130th Anniversary of the South Shields corps of The Salvation Army (UK).

South Shields is the home of the George Marshall - the song writer, composer and bandmaster whose legendary marches, fifty years after his passing are still played around the brass band world.

Two of Marshall's tunes are featured in the march. Firstly, a reference to the tune South Shields to which Salvationists associate the following words:

Thank you, Lord, for all your goodness:
Through the years of yesterday;
Thank you, too, for present mercies
And your blessing on my way.
Thank you for each revelation,
And for what you choose to hide;
Thank you, Lord, for grace sustaining
As I in your love abide.

August Ludvig Storm (1862-1914), trs Flora Larsson
SA Songbook 552 (Tune: South Shields TB 444)

Secondly, Yellow Star and red and blue:

Yellow star and red and blue,
Blood and fire, through and through;
That's the flag for me and you,
The flag of the dear old Army.

Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976)
SA Songbook 779 (Tune: Yellow star and red and blue TB 162)


Recording by the
International Staff Band
from their album 
Seize the Day (2010)

South Shields Celebration.mp3

 Sample score pages
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