Small World, Big God (2009)
Jo & Nigel Hemming

Duration: approx. 2:50

Small World, Big God is a Triumph Series arrangement of the popular kids' song Our God is a Great Big God. 

Like many of my pieces, this work was a few years in the making (I possibly jotted down the ideas back in 2004/5).  I tend to have a few projects on the go at once and with this one, I kept going back to it but could never complete it - for some reason lacking either  inspiration or motivation. Eventually I think it was the fear that somebody else was bound to submit an arrangement of this song that caused me to bite the bullet and finish the thing. 

As it happens the Army did in fact receive another arrangement - a competent setting by up and coming composer/arranger  Ian Feltwell which has now been published - but that was for the Army's Unity Series, my arrangement serving the Triumph Series.

I was at an ISB rehearsal in 2010 when the band played this piece through (Derick Kane jokingly referring to it as 'Small chips, large cod'!), and I subsequently used it at The Salvation Army's Pendel Divisional Music Camp at Camp Ladore, PA USA in summer 2011. But as I write this, the piece is submitted for publication but I am waiting for news either way.  

 Computer generated track

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Sample score pages
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Along with On High!, I was pleased to supply this piece to Craig Lewis - a Canadian Staff Bandsman and the Bandmaster at Hamilton Salvation Army, ON Canada - to use at the Scotian Glen Music & Gospel Arts Camp, Nova Scotia in summer 2011, where he and his wife Helen were the special guests. The words to the song say:

Our God is a great big God (x3)
And He holds us in His hands.

He is higher than a sky scraper
And He’s deeper than a submarine.
He is wider than the universe
And beyond my wildest dreams.
And He’s known me and He’s loved me
Since before the world began.
How wonderful to be a part
Of God’s amazing plan.

Our God is a great big God…

Jo & Nigel Hemming
© Vineyard Songs 

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