Peace in Our Time  (2015)

Duration: approx. 4:30

This four verse setting of Eric Ball's stirring melody 'Peace' has been written for use at The Salvation Army's International 'Boundless' Congress in 2015. 

An impossible task?
The challenge with this arrangement was that, as it is to be used for congregational singing at a large event, there can be no uncertainty for congregation members about when to begin singing each verse. The structure of the work needs to be robust with clear introductions and links. It is also important that the arrangement feels familiar, with the regal style of this tune maintained and original harmonies left largely intact. In this setting, verse 3 is the furthest removed from the original (it is heard in the clip on this page) but hopefully it is still within the radar of what most people expect to hear with this tune.

On top of that, the challenge for any seasoned SA bandsman is that it is almost impossible to get away from Ball's own majestic setting of his tune in The Triumph of Peace. I couldn't win on that last point so instead took the decision to include some of Ball's decorative features (e.g. Soprano & Tenor Horn long note, and chorale-type ending). Hopefully this will further enhance the familiarity of the arrangement.

As a stand-alone piece that will work outside of the Congress setting it is catalogued here and may be available for use by bands after the event.

Read more about the Congress here.


Sample score page
Peace in Our Time p3.pdf Peace in Our Time p3.pdf
Size : 63.795 Kb
Type : pdf

 Computer generated clip

Peace in Our Time (clip).mp3

Title Page Artwork

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