New Commission (2011)

Triumph Series 1049 (publ. 1997)
Duration: approx. 3:00

In 1996 the UK Salvation Army re-organised its divisions (geographic areas) and that meant the end of an era for some divisional music camps (aka music schools) across the nation. It also meant however the beginning of a brand new set of SA music camps.

This march was written for the very first London South-East Divisional School of Music held during August 1996 at Bedgebury School, Kent. As such this march began life as Bedgebury '96. The school brought together staff and students from the old Canterbury and South London Divisions into a new family.  A new mandate was given, a New Commission.

I remember the studies for the week were based on finding different routes to God and the choruses in the march where chosen to represent the same.

The first chorus Clap your hands can be found in Happiness and Harmony, a UK Salvation Army song book supplement.  This chorus expresses different ways of praising God. 

Recording by 
Boscombe Band
from the album 
Favourite Marches of
The Salvation Army

New Commission.mp3

Clap your hands, clap your hands
for the King of Kings (x2)
Voices raise, sing in praise of the Lord most high,
Hallelu, hallelu, praise the Lord.

Maureen Mitchell
Happiness & Harmony no. 9

The second chorus Follow, follow, signifies the Christian's life-calling to follow Jesus.

Follow, follow, I will follow Jesus,
Anywhere, everywhere, I will follow on;
Follow, follow, I will follow Jesus,
Everywhere he leads me I will follow on.

William Orcutt Cushing (1823-1902)
SA Songbook 483 (Tune: Follow On TB 644)

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