'Mid all the Traffic (1998)
Paul A. Marshall

Triumph Series 1154 (publ. 2006)
Duration: approx. 1:50

This very short cornet solo is an arrangement of the song of the same name by Paul A. Marshall.  It was written for and requested by David Daws for his album Golden Slippers.

Amazingly, this is one of the shortest pieces of music I have submitted for publication, but it took the longest to come to print - eight years!

'Mid all the traffic of the ways,
Turmoils without, within,
Make in my heart a quiet place,
And come and dwell therein:

A little shrine of quietness,
All sacred to thyself,
Where thou shalt all my soul possess,
And I may find myself:

A little place of mystic grace,
Of self and sin swept bare,
Where I may look into thy face,
And talk with thee in prayer.

Come, occupy my silent place,
And make thy dwelling there!
More grace is wrought in quietness
Than any is aware.

John Oxenham (1852-1941) 
SA Songbook 615 (Tune by Paul Marshall)

Recording by
David Daws and the ISB
from the album 
Golden Slippers (1999)

Mid all the Traffic.mp3

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