Learn, Love and Live (2011)

US 403 (publ. Feb. 2013)
Duration: approx. 4:20

This three-movement suite was written for Bandmaster John Moore and the 2011 Belfast Temple Music School Castle Lake Band.

It features three songs, Come fill my cup, Such Love and Running Over and is an ideal piece for young/beginner bands and ensembles.

The first song 'Come fill my cup' asks God to work in the believer's life - the start of a learning process.

Come fill my cup, let it overflow (x3)
Let it overflow with love.

Author unknown

The second song 'Such Love' celebrates God's great love for us. Our response to that is that we must love God and each other.

Such love, pure as the whitest snow;
Such love, weeps for the shame I know;
Such love, paying the debt I owe;
O Jesus, such love.

Such love, stilling my restlessness;
Such love, filling my emptiness;
Such love, showing me holiness;
O Jesus, such love.

Such love, springs from eternity;
Such love, streaming through history;
Such love, fountain of life to me;
O Jesus, such love.

Graham Kendrick
Copyright 1988 Make Way Music.

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Christians are to understand that if we learn to love, we learn to live.   The old primary chorus 'Running Over' reminds us that 'since the Lord saved me, I'm as happy as can be!'  

Running over, running over,
My cup's full and running over.
Since the Lord saved me
I'm as happy as can be!
My cup's full and running over.

Author unknown  

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