Impact (2008)

Duration: approx. 3:20

This march was written for the opening of the new Romford Salvation Army buildings in 2008. It has been played by Romford SA band since 2008 and also the ISB since it's submission to the UK Army's music department in 2010.

A church building project brings a new start; there are new opportunities and demands and inevitably a sense of celebration and renewed fervour to meet those challenges. With the blessing of new lease of life given, we then look to measure the effectiveness of the Romford (and indeed any) Army centre and this is determined by its impact on the local community, hence the title of the march.

In my mind the repeated two semi-quaver & one quaver motif (apparent on the side drum from the opening) represents the efforts of the Army in engaging society; knocking on doors and hearts, too.

The tune Ring the bell, watchman - to which the song 'Come, join our army, to battle we go' (SA Songbook 681) is often associated - reminds salvationists and the public alike that The Salvation Army should not only seek to move forward, it should aim to stay.

 Computer generated track

WAV Impact.mp3

Eight bars from the end the solo cornet and percussion are marked strepitoso (It. 'boisterous'). Their motifs are intentionally intrusive, reminding the listener of an Army band marching down the street (yes, that too is intentionally intrusive!) and also that the songs the Army sings and the message it brings will face noisy opposition. Wherever the Army is at work it is competing for the time, attention and heart response of people all around the world. Plus the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a no-nonsense message and is about as subtle as a hammer to the head. As a result, it provokes response. 

May God continue to bless the work of the Romford corps and its sister centres all around the world for these days, as the songwriter suggests, soldiers of Jesus will need to be valiant and strong.

Come, join our Army, to battle we go,
Jesus will help us to conquer the foe;
Fighting for right and opposing the wrong,
The Salvation Army is marching along.

Marching along, marching along,
The Salvation Army is marching along;
Soldiers of Jesus, be valiant and strong;
The Salvation Army is marching along.

William James Pearson (1832-92)
SA Songbook 681 (Tune: Ring the bell, watchman TB 776)

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