He is Exalted (1998)
Ian & Isobel Robinson

Festival Series 547 (publ. 1999)
Duration: approx. 2:10

Ian & Isobel Robinson

This piece is an arrangement of the popular Songster (SA choir) song by Salvation Army officers Ian & Isobel Robinson.  Here are some of the words:

He is exalted, Lord of all nations
He alone is worthy of our praise
He is exalted, Lord of creation
Come let us serve Him all of our days.

For some years now Ian & Isobel have been a successful husband & wife song-writing team within the Salvation Army. They write songs that are enjoyable to listen to, accessible and extremely popular with choirs and audiences alike. Ian is also a brass writer and has several works published by The SA.

My arrangement of He is Exalted must have been the first piece I was brave enough to hand to Bandmaster Stephen Cobb in the early days of my ISB membership. Steve hooked me up with the band's Executive Officer, Trevor Davis - a composer himself - to look over the piece with me (all hand written in those days, of course!) Trevor gave good advice on the strengths and weaknesses of different instruments in the band and as such I was able to draft a few more versions before the ISB finally played it out. 

Recording by
Norwich Citadel Band
from their album
Laudate (2001)

He is Exalted.mp3

I can remember the first time it was played out and can testify to my feelings which today are unchanged; that being in the room when a band plays a piece of yours is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. Steve very graciously used He is Exalted for a season or so, and since then quite a few bands have played it, for which I am very grateful.

In early 1999, whilst on a band tour with Regent Hall Band, I had the pleasure of meeting Ian & Isobel at their corps in Santa Barbara, California.  Ian and I had a photo taken together - I must try and find that and put it on here some day.

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