Forward 2000 (2000)

General Series 1977 (publ. 2001)
Duration: approx. 4:00 mins. 

Early in the year 2000 my friend Phil Layton, a member of the UK's Forward 2000 session of Cadets (trainee officers) approached me on behalf of his session colleagues, requesting a march to be written for the occasion of their commissioning in May that year. What a privilege!  I duly agreed.

Their request was for Thine be the Glory and the Forward 2000 sessional song to be included. Thine be the Glory is okay (I got one bar in) but the sessional song (by SA officers Harry Read and Dick Krommenhoek) didn't really lend itself to the march genre. However I managed to get a few bars of it in just before the final presentation of the song Singing we go. Other tunes featured in the march are Victory for Me (SA songbook 841) and The Salvation Army is Marching Along (SASB 681).

Victory for me
Through the blood of Christ, my Saviour;
Victory for me
Through the precious blood.

Herbert Howard Booth (1862-1926)
SA Songbook 702 (Tune: Victory for me TB 841)

Marching along, marching along,
The Salvation Army is marching along;
Soldiers of Jesus, be valiant and strong;
The Salvation Army is marching along.

William James Pearson (1832-92)
SA Songbook 681 (Tune: Ring the bell, watchman TB 776)

Singing we go, our joy to show,
We want to fill the world with music;
This is the reason we sing:
Make Jesus King! Make Jesus King!
Singing we go, for this we know
With Jesus in the heart there's music,
This is the reason we sing:
Make Jesus King! Make Jesus King!

Author unknown  
SA Siongbook, chorus 220

Recording by
Birmingham Citadel Band
from their album
Jubilate! (2001)

Forward 2000.mp3

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Later in 2000 I left the ISB as Leanne and I entered William Booth College ourselves.  It was a special treat to attend the ISB's annual Christmas meal later that year (an event they organise for former members each year) and hear this march played brilliantly by the band.  What a buzz!

I first heard the chord progressions of the opening four bars [Fm - Bb - Fm - D] on an episode of The Simpsons. (So, if by minuscule chance Alf Clausen, you're reading this - thanks for the inspiration!) Since then I have heard Fm-Bb and it's tonal equivalents everywhere from Michael Jackson's Earth Song to the BBC news theme, and in brass band music it is a reoccurring motif in Peter Graham's Journey to the Centre of the Earth (look at the first two chords of the piece played by Troms.) It's amazing how, once you 'discover' a chord progression for yourself, you starting hearing it everywhere!

Of my marches to date, Forward 2000 is one of my wife Leanne's favourite. I hope you enjoy it too.


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