Flashpoint  (2015)

Duration: approx. 4:30

Requested by the Melbourne Staff Band for its 125th anniversary in 2015, this work is a concert opener in two halves. 

The first part (80 bpm) establishes a noble theme and provides opportunity for soloists and ensembles within the band to be introduced if desired. The second part (160 bpm) is a lively flourish where the tune I'll Stand for Christ is introduced and then developed. The energetic second half culminates in a grand, Allargando finish in the bright key of G major concert (the same as an earlier work Fusion). 

Why the title Flashpoint? Well, a Flashpoint is a physical place or a stage in time where hostility flares up. My thinking here is that the SA's evangelistic groups (including its brass bands) engage the enemy where the rubber hits the road in terms of the destiny of the people it is trying to reach. Not only does the SA go to the darkest and dirtiest physical places, but it also meets people at their own personal Flashpoint - the moment in time where the battle for their soul is at its most intense - perhaps when they are facing extreme temptation or on the crux of making a decision for Christ. It is in those physical and metaphorical places that the Salvation Army finds its true purpose.

I hope the band enjoys reading the piece. More importantly though i hope the music will serve as a reminder to all us Salvationists that we're not there on Sundays to make up the numbers, we're there at base-camp to train for the War. 


Sample score pages
Flashpoint p5-6.pdf Flashpoint p5-6.pdf
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 Computer generated clip

Flashpoint (clip).mp3

Title Page Artwork

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