Fantasia for Cornet (2001)

Duration: approx. 6:30

Fantasia for Cornet is a special piece to me as it was written in memory of Jordan Woodhouse, the child of friends Paul & Ruth who through illness lived only a few short months over 2000-01. 

During Jordan's illness, one day away from the hospital Paul and me were in my study listening on the computer to this solo which was being written at the time. It was soon to be read by the ISB and Paul was making last-minute suggestions about what the soloist should be doing here and there, and especially as a horn player, about what the tenor horns should be playing!

So, with this memory that Paul had a hand in writing the piece, Fantasia is dedicated to Jordan. Whenever it is played, recorded or even published – it is hoped that people will know that it is dedicated to Jordan, who, without realising, touched the lives of so many.


Sample score pages
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 Computer generated clip
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This intermediate-sized work for Cornet and Band was penned in late 2000 and takes as its central theme the song ‘Who is He?’ Throughout the work, the question ‘Who is He?’ is ‘asked’ and in three sections the music hints at answers by painting a picture of the life of Jesus Christ as child, adult and eternal deity. 

Introduction and section one (bars 1-71) 
Jesus the child ‘at whose feet shepherds fall’
The work commences with the first seven notes of ‘Who is he?’. The key is minor – painting a picture of the depraved world into which Jesus Christ was born. At bar 20 the mood changes to a scherzando and the cornet soloist reminds the listener of innocence and playfulness found in a child. The influence and ministry of the life of young Jesus has begun.

Section two (bars 72-140) 
Jesus the adult ‘who died on yonder tree’
A brief reflective section depicts the divinity of Jesus and the secular world to which he has been sent is depicted in the minor key section that follows. Prophecies of the Old Testament break through as fragments of ‘Go, tell it on the mountain’ are heard. The broken state of the world eventually slows to listen to the voice of this lone man. Here his life, death and resurrection are meditated upon with three verses of the central song. Jesus the human being no longer walks the earth as a man, but lives on in eternity. The section ends with the question ‘Who is He?’

Section three (bars 141-182) 
The eternal Jesus who ‘from his throne, rules through all worlds’
Here, the answer to ‘Who is he?’ - 'Jesus, the Christ' - is found as the song ‘Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is here’ develops. This section provides opportunity for the soloist to demonstrate virtuosity. The music builds in excitement culminating in the challenge to the modern-day church to proclaim to the world that ‘Jesus Christ is here’. This is not only the answer to the question, but an assurance to humankind that the eternal Jesus will never leave us or forsake his followers.


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