Explorers (1999)

Unity Series 255 (publ. 2000)
Duration: approx. 2:30 

In the late 1990s my good friend Karen was leading a young people's group at Penge Salvation Army. The group was called Explorers and Karen had the young people learn a theme song she'd specially written for the group. That song is the tune tune featured at the Trio section. The words are:

I have something that money cannot buy
Love so vast and everlasting.
I have a found a friend in Jesus Christ the Lord,
And He’s with me all the time.

I want to tell the world of Jesus Christ,
He’s the most important in my life.
I want to tell the world of Jesus - He’s my Lord,
And He’s with me all the time. 

Official Unity Series Recording


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The tune referenced before that is Anything for Jesus  which reminds us of these words:

Growing up for Jesus,
Learning day by day.
How to follow onward
In the narrow way.
Seeking Holy treasure,
Finding precious truth.
Growing up for Jesus
In our happy youth.

Growing up for Jesus,
Loving him more and more,
Growing up for Jesus
In the junior corps.

Priscilla J. Owens (1829-99) (verses); Arch R. Wiggins (1893-1976) (chorus)
Sing for Joy no. 178 (Tune: Anything for Jesus TB 199)

Explorers had its premiere at the Penge Young People's Anniversary weekend in July 1998. It is written with beginner band/ensemble players in mind.

Karen joins with me in hoping that the words associated with this march and indeed the music itself will tell something of the wonder, excitement and joy experienced of following Jesus Christ.

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