Escape Velocity (2011)

Duration: approx. 5:30 

"Escape velocity is the speed at which a body overcomes the gravitational pull of another body". 

This work was requested by Bandmaster Olaf Ritman for the Amsterdam Staff Band. It seeks to capture the essence of the race of life and in Biblical terms, the idea of humanity's struggle against the pull of the world as it seeks to 'escape' into the restful presence of God.  It features dark, minor-key chords and a driving rock rhythm and culminates in a glorious presentation of the popular Hillsongs anthem, His eye is on the Sparrow (I will run to you). The words of the chorus say:

And I will run to You,
To Your words of truth;
Not by might, not by power
But by the Spirit of God.
Yes, I will run the race,
Till I see Your face.
Oh, let me live in the glory of Your grace.

Darlene Zschech
© 1996 Hillsong publishing/

Computer generated track

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 Sample score pages
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Escape Velocity2 pages9,11,13.pdf Escape Velocity2 pages9,11,13.pdf
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Notes for Multimedia/Powerpoint
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There is also a brief reference to the old hymn Saved by Grace.  Verse three of Catherine Baird's song says:

O Love, forever claim my eyes!
Thy beauty be my chosen prize;
I cast my load on timeless grace
That my free soul may run the race.

Catherine Baird (1895-1984)
SA Songbook 449 (verse 3) (Tune: Saved by Grace TB 47)

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