Endeavour (2014)

formerly titled 'Future All Stars'
Duration: approx. 4:00 

Written for the Future All Stars Weekend 21-23 March 2014, this lively concert opener was requested by Bandmaster Ron Waiksnoris, The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory's Music Secretary and conductor of the New York Staff Band.

Under Bandmaster Waiksnoris' leadership the Territory implemented the Future All Stars programme in 2003. This weekend of intense music making is open to approx. 60 young Salvationists. Auditions are held to qualify for the event during which students undergo intense musical tuition from members of the NYSB, as well as times of Bible study, spiritual renewal and fellowship.
The brief was for a piece that the students could call their own, and the style specified was along the lines of Himes, Leidzen and Osterling.  I understood this and I hope I have been able to deliver that alongside some of my own ideas. 

Whilst fundamentally in the quick-march genre, Future All Stars is actually a concert overture and is a long way from the traditional street march; branching into rock at one point, with dramatic TV and cinema-inspired themes later on. 

Sample score pages
Future All Stars p8-9.pdf Future All Stars p8-9.pdf
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 Computer generated clip

Future All Stars (clip).mp3

Songs referenced in the work are the children's chorus I'll do my best (as sung by Go Fish) and SASB 277 Who comes to me, the Saviour said.  The words to the chorus simply say:

I'll do my best, I'll do my best
I'll do my best for you...

The SA song - a more traditional affair - speaks of the fleeting value of earthly riches; affirming that the real 'treasure' to be sought is Eternal Life in Christ: 

Who comes to me, the Saviour said,
To him I freely give
Eternal life; though he were dead
Yet henceforth shall he live.
His life shall be with gladness filled,
His treasure is on high,
Bright sunshine shall his pathway gild
And he shall never die.

The Saviour now will give,
The Saviour now will give,
Eternal life to all who seek,
The Saviour now will give.

Who comes to me, the Saviour said,
That soul will I supply
With portions of that living bread
Which riches cannot buy.
That soul shall never hunger more,
But filled shall ever be
With plenty from the unfailing store
He ever finds in me.

William Kitching (1837-1906)

To me both songs perfectly sum up the ethos of the Future All Stars initiative, which not only celebrates excellence in faith and music, but spurs on a new generation of Christians to 'do their best' for the Master, because eternal life isn't just a promise for tomorrow, it is a way of living today. 

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