Eminence (2014)

Duration: approx. 7:00 mins

A euphonium solo written for Micah Parsons, a salvationist of the West Midlands Division and member of Championship Section Jaguar Land Rover Band. 

One thing I have admired about Micah are his efforts to further his musicianship. By coming alongside some of today's Euphonium talents such as Steven Mead, David Thornton, David Taylor and others, he is intentional about his development as a player. When somebody is this committed to his art, it makes the writing of a piece that much more straightforward and enjoyable.

The title Eminence means 'to be at the top of one's game' - something I hope Micah will realise as a player but more importantly as a Christian musician. 

Through two songs the piece challenges Christians to be eminent in their worship ('With all my heart') and in witness ('This is why I love my Jesus'). 

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