Citadel Praise (2014)

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Written for Ipswich Citadel Corps' 130th Anniversary in 2014, this Triumph-series march features two choruses that have been associated with the corps over the years: the lively gospel song 'It's Coming Down' and a prayer-hymn entitled 'An Evening Prayer'.

I've not yet been able to trace the origin of It's Coming Down but I gather it is well-known in the wider church. The story goes that the chorus was introduced to Ipswich Citadel by a gentleman called Eustace Gilbert, who hailed from the West Indies. He was featured in the national press in July 1956 singing this chorus at an open-air meeting, accompanied by a concertina. It's a song of challenge and potential :

It's coming down, down, down
it's coming down.
Oh, the glory of the Lord is coming down.
When the saints begin to pray
The Lord shall have His day,
Oh, the glory of the Lord is coming down.


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Now there's a challenge for the folks of Ipswich Citadel - and indeed every believer - that the saints would pray so that the Lord would 'have His day'!

A brief reference to Praise! My soul, the King of Heaven leads into An Evening Prayer .This four-verse hymn is 100 years old but still published in modern day hymnals. Words are by C. M. Battersby and the tune by Charles Gabriel. In years past the first verse of the song was sung as a postlude to Sunday School at the corps. 

If I have wounded any soul today,
If I have caused one foot to go astray,
If I have walked in my own willful way,
Dear Lord, forgive!

Like the first song, these words of penitence are challenging words. In fact both songs put God in first place and call the people of God to prayer. May that be the case at Ipswich Citadel - that the people of God would spend time in prayer so that Christ would reign victorious in the lives of corps folk, but also in the community the corps serves!

Citadel Praise will be feature during the Ipswich Citadel anniversary celebration weekend 22-23 November 2014.  

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