Canzona (1996)
Giovanni Gabrieli

Unity Series 221 (publ. 1997)
Duration: approx. 2:00 mins.

Giovanni Gabrieli (1555-1612) is well known for his instrumental ensemble music. Pretty much all of his output was along these lines (they didn't have symphony orchestras or garage bands in his day). It's surprising then that somebody hadn't previously transcribed one of his many Canzonas - brass ensemble pieces - for the Unity Series, a brass ensemble journal.

Since the publication of this work Peter Graham's transciption of Gabrieli's Canzona a'4 was also published in the Unity Series, but apart from that, as far as I can see, there are no other transcriptions of Gabrieli's work in the SA journals.

Now, not knowing him personally, I couldn't tell you if this was one of Gabrieli's favourites, but I do think this - a straightforward transcription of one of his ceremonial pieces for brass - works extremely well for small band.  

Official Unity Series Recording

Canzona (US Ensemble).mp3

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