Martin Cordner is a husband, father, officer (minister) in The Salvation Army, and a musician. He is married to Leanne and they have two sons.
Martin has been writing music since 1987 (first published piece in 1994) and to date he has more than 70 published works for brass band. In 1989 he commenced work as an employee at The Salvation Army's International Headquarters and this brought him under the influence of some of the Army's leading musicians at that time; Col. Ray Bowes, Stephen Cobb, Richard Phillips, Kevin Norbury, Peter Graham, Cols. Robert Redhead and Ray Steadman-Allen among others.
Since that time a variety of leadership roles in brass tuition, brass bands, choral groups, an appointment to the International Staff Band in 1997 and opportunities as a Salvation Army officer have further developed his writing.

Since their commissioning as officers in 2002, Martin & Leanne have served as leaders in a variety of corps (church) appointments in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Presently they serve as Commanding Officers at Cambridge Citadel Corps, UK.
Today Martin enjoys an international reputation as a composer and arranger. He appreciates a wide range of music, (his music collection ranging from Abba to Zip-a-dee-do-dah and everything in between), believes in the power of music to tell a story and in the potential for Salvation Army music groups to effectively resource the worship and witness of the local corps.

Martin is continually amazed and blessed that his music is being published, played and heard all over the world. And no, as much as he would like to, he doesn't play the trombone.