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About BugleTweet 

During the celebrations of ISB120 in June 2011, I decided to post Facebook updates about the event during the weekend. The feedback received from FB contacts around the globe was very positive. In that moment I realised the potential for live updates to be not just a news service, but a means of inspiration and encouragement to others. 

A couple of years and quite a few events later, having used my regular Facebook profile and Twitter account to post updates, I have become aware that with an increasingly diverse set of friends and followers, not everybody that follows my life events for example, wants all the gory detail of a band concert!  So I have created BugleTweet to provide an opt-in service for Facebook and Twitter followers to receive live concert tweets, and therefore only fill up their FB news-feed and Twitterfeed if they so choose.

The vision of BugleTweet is that by means of short text posts, photos and occasional video, the sights & sounds of Salvation Army and Brass Band programmes can be broadcast to people who because of distance, ill-health or whatever cannot attend an event. 

In order for the vision to work, BugleTweet relies on contributors around the world. Please get in touch if you would like to help in this way.

BugleTweet is a hobby of Martin Cordner, a Salvation Army Officer & brass band composer. It is a personal project and not affiliated with The Salvation Army or any other body.


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